Joke Vandenberghe

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Personal growth and spirituality are important to me.

If you do not feel good about yourself, do not accept yourself, then you cannot live completely. I strive to embrace every piece inside myself in love and live complete. A life in reverence and respect for others, in harmony with myself and my environment. 

Is this also what you desire? Then I would be happy to help you with that.

In my childhood, I discovered that I feel and sense a lot. I lived and experienced the world intensely. Stimuli came to me very quickly. Emotions, mood swings, pain from my surroundings affected me to a great extent. I literally felt the discomfort, pain, emotion of my environment in my own body and energy. These experiences gave me the necessary life experience and life lessons. Physically I blocked completely and slowly I closed off emotionally to my environment as well. For the past 25 years I have been living in contraction and pain and in order to break through this I started looking for solutions. In my search for myself I came into contact with healing, wicca, reiki, massage, yoga, meditation and finally touch, massage, tantra and coaching.

It was and is a growth process that is always ongoing. 'Tis like peeling an onion where you remove layer by layer to go into deeper layers of your "being. Every aspect that came my way helped me to open up more to myself and the world around me. I learned to distinguish between what was mine and what was not. The more I discover about myself and come home to myself, the more relaxation comes into my "being" and the cramping and pain in my body and soul seeps away. My life energy starts to flow more and more, intimacy, sexuality and sensuality are no longer taboo but something I can grow in and enjoy freely. Every moment tells something about myself and is an invitation to look, feel, learn, a moment of awareness, a moment of growth.

It is an ongoing process. At any appropriate time, just that aspect comes my way that helps me go into deeper layers within myself. This allows me to come more and more to myself and go to my essence and core. There is something hidden in every moment. A wealth of information that tells more about who I am, what moves me and how I view the world.

Do you also want to discover what treasure is hidden inside of you so you can fully stand in your power, come home to yourself and enjoy your vital life energy, intimacy, sexuality and sensuality then I would love to help you with that.


Education & training


Empowering Feminine Training - Practice Manitou | 2022
Theme workshop Unresolved grief, loss and loss - Live The Connection | 2021
Border Crossing Theme Workshop- Live The Connection | 2021
Communications Theme Workshop - Live The Connection | 2021
Family Theme Workshop - Live The Connection | 2021
Core Module -Live The Connection | 2020
Body Based Trauma Coach - Andrea Wandel | 2020
Breakthrough coach - Breakthrough Academy / Els Van Laecke | 2019
Trainer Certification Program - Points of You | 2017


Transformational Training - John Hawken / The Paths of Transformation | 2021 - 2022
Teachertraining - John Hawken / The Paths of Transformation | 2018
A new light on dark Eros - John Hawken & Katie Sarra / The paths of Transformation | 2019
Like a Pro - Betty Martin| 2019
Dark Eros - John Hawken / The Paths of Transformation | 2018
An Initiation into your own knowing - John Hawken & Judith Antell / The Paths of Transformation | 2017 - 2018
The art of tantric massage certified professional training - John Hawken & Judith Antell / The paths of Transformation | 2016 - 2017
Year Training Tribal Tantra - Terra Luminosa | 2012
Initiation Tantra Massage - Lucia Panont & Alain Art | 2011
Year Training Tantra - Growing in Connection | 2011
Tantrika training - Tantra Lotus | 2010

Various massage training courses

Healing hands + bio-energetic treatments - Center for Energetic Bodywork | 2016 - 2019
Cosmetic masseur - Syntra | 2009
Metamorphosis massage, chinese organ massage, dynamic massage, pregnancy massage, baby and child massage, customized massage, introduction to character structures, fibromyssage, lomi lomi massage, bracci massage - Wellness Academy - Syntra West - Integrama | 2009 - 2014

Various courses

Year-round tree oils - Vivapo
Reiki I and II - Eduard Kestens
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